What to Do Before a Root Canal

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What to do before a root canal

Also referred to as root canal therapy, this treatment is both a major yet commonplace dental procedure. Although this particular process is performed every day, it’s perfectly normal that the prospect of receiving such care can make you feel anxious or worried.

Talk to a dentist near you to learn more about root canal therapy today.

What is a Root Canal?

The pulp is where your blood vessel, nerves, and connective tissues all meet inside the core of your tooth. If the pulp becomes infected or starts to decay, it can cause toothaches, swelling, extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods, and can even spread to other areas in your mouth. And, in more serious cases, it can even lead to the death of your tooth.

A root canal is a method of restorative dentistry that’s done to address this problem. This procedure, whether performed by a dentist in Banff or at a dental clinic elsewhere, entails drilling a hole inside your tooth and cleaning out the infected contents. Once it’s all been removed, your tooth will be fully sealed so that no more bacteria can get inside it.

You’ll need to return at a later date to receive a dental crown. This cap is designed to provide your affected tooth with additional protection and strength.

What Does the Root Canal Procedure Performed by a Dentist Near Me Include?

Before the physical procedure is performed, there will be a consultation between you and your dentist, who will evaluate your situation and then take some x-rays to get a better overall picture. When it’s time for you to come in to receive root canal treatment, the dentist drills down into your tooth and removes the infected pulp. After, the targeted area is thoroughly cleaned. Lastly, a temporary crown is placed on your tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is made. You’ll have to return to the dentist once more to receive the actual dental crown.

Questions to Ask Prior to Receiving Root Canal Treatment in Banff or Elsewhere

Your dentist will speak with you about the possibility of root canal therapy before scheduling any procedure. They’ll discuss whether you are an ideal candidate, or another avenue or treatment would be more appropriate for your unique situation.

Don’t hesitate to make your dentist aware of any concerns, questions, or fear you have. After all, knowing what to expect and what to do prior to receiving root canal treatment near you, is a great way to feel more comfortable.

Here are some things you may consider asking your dentist:

1. Is a root canal necessary? Is there another option for my situation?
2. Is it possible for my tooth to heal on its own so that I don’t need a root canal?
3. What will happen if I choose not to go ahead with the root canal?
4. Will the infection in my tooth spread?
5. Should I see a specialist for this procedure?

Arming yourself with a complete picture of the current state of your oral health is a great way to address issues that arise as well as feel more confident and feel more relaxed when the time comes for certain procedures. Here at our dental clinic in Banff, we look forward to helping you restore your teeth and your smile. Come in or call us to book an appointment today!

We look forward to working with you very soon!