The Importance of Dental Cleanings

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The Importance of Dental Cleanings

As we grow up, we are always told how important looking after our teeth is, but you still may not be visiting a dentist as often as you should. Skipping your bi-annual visit to a dentist near you can have more adverse effects on your oral health than you might think. For example, your dentist may not be able to detect problems early on and treat them with ease. You will also miss out on professional dental cleanings in Banff, which are also important for your oral health. Here’s why you should book an appointment for a dental cleaning and checkup at Banff Dental Care if you haven’t had one in the last six months.

1 Remove Stains from Your Teeth

No matter how diligently you brush your teeth, even if you use the right technique, you may still have some stubborn stains that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Getting a dental cleaning near you can help you with that.

During a dental cleaning, our dental hygienist will use a special dental polish to remove the majority of stains on your teeth. Any buildup between teeth that changes their color will also be gone.

2 Fight Cavities and Tooth Infections

A dental cleaning isn’t just about making your smile look better, although that is an added bonus. Our dentist in Banff will inspect your teeth during your dental visit to look for any potential or lingering oral health problems.

This will include an inspection for cavities and infections that can cause tooth damage. Even if you regularly brush your teeth, you can miss spots, and over time, the bacteria and debris that build up in your mouth can lead to decay that only a dentist can find.

Detecting cavities and tooth decay early on is important, as it ensures that your dentist can easily fix the problem without requiring extensive and costly treatments down the road.

3 Protect Your Overall Health

At this point, you are likely starting to see the importance of getting a dental cleaning and checkup. It isn’t only about the appearance of your smile; it is also about your oral health.

Your dentist will also be on the lookout for a buildup of plaque. If left unchecked, plaque can cause serious problems, including gum disease. Many individuals who suffer from gum disease end up having to get teeth extracted because of it.

Gum disease comes along with many unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking and eating a poor diet. This may have something to do with the link between heart disease and other serious health conditions. Those with gum disease are three times more likely to suffer from a serious cardiovascular problem, leading to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

For this reason, attending dental cleanings works to protect your oral and overall health. When caught early, gum disease can be easily treated and even completely reversed by our dentist. But when left for too long, gum disease can be a long and painful condition to deal with.

Visit Banff Dental Care

If it has been more than six months since your last dental cleaning and checkup, it is a good time to book your next appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Banff Dental Care and book your appointment today!