Custom Mouthguards Near You

It is important to protect your teeth to minimize damage and injuries. If you engage in a high contact sport, we recommend wearing a mouthguard to minimize the impact of a mouth injury. By simply wearing a mouthguard, you can save yourself time and money by preventing significant injuries to the mouth. Mouthguards are also beneficial to those who grind their teeth. We are happy to provide custom mouthguards in Banff to protect your teeth.

mouth guard in banff

The Benefits of Wearing a Custom Mouthguard

While there are many over-the-counter mouthguards, they are not at all the same as receiving a customized mouthguard from your dentist. Since custom-fit mouthguards are made from impressions of your teeth, they will comfortably fit in your mouth. They will also be less likely to move and cause difficulties with your speech.

By wearing a mouthguard, you will protect your teeth from damage. If you grind your teeth, your teeth will slowly start to wear. And if you clench hard enough, you may even break your tooth. A mouthguard will act as a cushion and barrier to prevent teeth grinding.

What Sports Require a Mouthguard?

Our dentist recommends wearing a mouthguard if you engage in the following sports:

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Skating (inline or skateboarding)
  • Gymnastics
  • Softball

Store-bought mouthguards can protect your teeth if you engage in sports. However, a custom-fit mouthguard will provide a much more comfortable fit and be better fitted to your unique dental structure.

Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from teeth grinding, it is important to receive a custom-fit mouthguard. Not only are they effective in protecting your teeth from exerting pressure on each other, but they are also comfortable and will allow you to get a good night’s rest. Since custom mouthguards are moulded to your teeth, they will not dislodge as you move in your sleep.

In addition to protecting your teeth, it will also help you sleep better. Patients who grind their teeth often experience headaches in the morning or a sore jaw. With a mouthguard, you will wake up without any pain.

Looking for Custom Mouthguards Near You?

Are you interested in receiving custom mouthguards near you? Our office provides quality custom mouthguards in Banff! Contact us to schedule a consultation today. We are happy to help you protect your teeth while engaging in the sports you love and getting quality rest you deserve.