Dentures Near You

If you’re missing a couple or most of your teeth, you have probably noticed the impact these gaps have on your life. They make eating and speaking more difficult and cause you to smile less. The spaces are also more prone to bacteria buildup, which causes inflammation and infection. Dentures are an excellent way to restore your teeth and prevent oral health problems from occurring. We provide dentures in Banff to help you feel comfortable with your smile.

denture in banff

What are Dentures?

While dentures are typically associated with older individuals with no teeth, they are not only meant for people missing their complete set of teeth. We provide various types of dentures near you, which include partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are an ideal solution for patients who are missing a couple of teeth. The dentures will fit comfortably in your mouth and blend in with your remaining teeth. They are not bulky or obvious. Instead, these natural-looking removable dentures are attached to your adjacent teeth using small metal clasps.

Complete dentures are the typical dentures you would think of. They are removable full sets of teeth. Complete dentures are ideal for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. If you have a few teeth remaining and opt to receive a full set, we will extract your remaining teeth. Patients will have a choice between receiving their dentures right after the extraction (immediate) or creating them once their teeth have been extracted (conventional).

The Benefits of Receiving Dentures

Dentures are more than just a set of artificial teeth. They provide many benefits, including:

  • They are cost-effective! Most insurance companies will cover dentures.
  • They restore your smile and improve your confidence.
  • They restore your bite, so you can eat all the foods you love again.
  • They prevent oral health problems.
  • They function like natural teeth.
  • They improve your facial shape.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Your dentures are fragile, so be sure to handle them gently. It is important to clean your dentures daily to prevent bacteria buildup. In addition to cleaning your dentures with a solution, remember to rinse your dentures after each meal. Please remove your dentures before you go to bed and place them in a solution when you are not wearing them. If you have any questions about maintaining your dentures, please contact us.

Dentures are a fantastic option to restore your teeth. If you’re looking to receive dentures in Banff, schedule a consultation with us. At Banff Dental Care, we are proud to offer quality dentures near you.