Dental Implants Near You

Are you suffering from missing teeth? The gaps in your teeth can cause you to be conscious of your smile. In addition to embarrassment, it will also cause negative effects on your oral health. You can experience bone loss in your jaw, and your teeth will gradually shift to fill in the empty space. We provide dental implants in Banff to fill in the missing gaps.

dental implants in banff

Reasons for Dental Implants

Patients can lose teeth due to various reasons. Teeth can be lost from an injury, trauma, tooth decay, or teeth grinding. Regardless of how the tooth was lost, it’s important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible. The longer you leave the gaps, the more likely bacteria will buildup and cause infection. Please schedule a consultation with us to see if dental implants are the right procedure for you. Not every patient will qualify as they need to have healthy gums and a strong jaw bone to support the implant.

The Process of Receiving Implants

If you’re interested in receiving dental implants near you, please schedule a consultation. Our dentist will determine if you are eligible. The process of receiving dental implants will require a couple of months. We will first surgically place a titanium screw into your jaw bone. The screw will merge with your jaw bone through a process called osseointegration to replace the roots of your teeth. Once your jaw has accepted the screw, we will place the crown to replace your tooth.

The Benefits of Receiving Implants

There are many benefits to patients receiving dental implants in Banff, which include the following:

  • They prevent your teeth from moving
  • They improve your oral health
  • They increase your confidence
  • They prevent deterioration in your jaw bone
  • They improve how you speak
  • They improve how you bite and chew
  • They improve the appearance of your smile
  • They are easy to care for

If you have any questions about receiving dental implants near you, please contact us! Our staff will be happy to answer all of your concerns.

Tips to Maintain Your Implants

Just like natural teeth, implants require care as well. By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your implant:

  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Frequently receive dental check-ups and cleanings
  • Rinse your mouth after you eat
  • Do not grind your teeth
  • Do not use your teeth as a “tool”
  • Do not chew ice
  • Avoid foods that can damage your implant
  • Ensure you clean around your implant

If you have any questions about how to care for your new implants, we will be happy to help. Our office offers dental implants in Banff to improve your oral health and smile.